Garden Brunch Cafe mural by Norf Collective

In honor of the Jefferson Street Art Crawl which I visited this evening, some Jefferson Street art. Why, you might ask, is this picture taken at such an odd angle? Well, there’s a fence in the way. A fence that serves no obvious purpose other than blocking a clear view of this mural. This is a Norf Collective piece (their website is down as of this posting – I’ll add the link if it comes back up), done as part of the Jefferson Street Community Health Fair last August. See the Get healthy! post for more details. It’s found on the east wall of the Garden Brunch Café (which I recommend), so the depiction of a quiet garden makes sense.

UPDATE: Here’s their Facebook page. And the website is up and running.
UPDATE: The building has been painted black, and this mural is gone. The café is no longer in business.

Located at 924 Jefferson Street. If you are there for a meal, and why wouldn’t you be, the restaurant has parking in back. You can probably also park next door at Popeye’s or the church behind the Garden Brunch Café.