Sometimes my investigative skills fail me. This arresting mural is found on a concrete wall that helps form a private yard behind the Sun Diner and the Patsy Cline Museum. The Johnny Cash Museum is next door, and the wall actually attaches to the back corner of Tequila Cowboy (based on that website, no one over twenty-eight ever goes inside Tequila Cowboy). When I first saw it, I figured my work was already done, that I would quickly figure out who Alton Ross is, and what he has to do with skulls. I found nothing. There are Alton Rosses out there, but none I could find a connection to here. No connection to any of the neighboring businesses turns up. A few folks have posted pictures of themselves standing in front of this mural. One guy used a lot of punk rock hashtags with his photo, but that led nowhere. So, if you know what this is about, let me know!

Located behind 105 Third Avenue South (Sun Diner), at the end of the alley/parking lot that heads south from Broadway between Broadway Brewhouse and Tequila Cowboy. If you are on the 100 block of Fourth Avenue South and look across the parking lot to the Patsy Cline Museum sign, the mural is below that sign.