On the 2300 block of Franklin Pike, there are two neighbors who share a very similar art style. One is Bolton’s. We’ve met them before on this blog, in No, I didn’t need my taste buds, actually. That post featured the oldest Bolton’s on Main, and you can read all about Bolton’s and find links about Nashville’s hot chicken tradition there. The other is Supreme Kreme Nashville, which sells Thai-style rolled ice cream and boba tea. Now that’s just the combination you need, right? A powerful burn from Bolton’s cooled down with some tea and sweets from Supreme Kreme. Make it a date!

Located at 2309 A and B Franklin Pike South. Supreme Kreme lists its address as Eighth Avenue South, while Bolton’s says Franklin Pike. They are the same road. Both lie directly across from the intersection with MelPark Drive. Plenty of parking. Grab some grub and enjoy the art!