The truth is, I don’t know much about the food. I have not eaten at this new Grenadian restaurant on Nolensville, but what little I do know, it sounds like the real deal. Grubhub says one of their most popular carry-out meals is Cow’s Feet Soup. They have oxtail, goat curry, and pineapple Fanta! I think it’s Grenadian, anyway. That’s a map of the island, and those are the colors of the flag – except the blue. Not sure about why the north is blue. Regardless, the menu looks pretty good for anyone who loves authentic Caribbean fare. Did you notice maybe I don’t actually know anything about the art or the artist? Maybe after a visit, I’ll know more. Or maybe I’ll forget and just eat myself silly.

UPDATE: This has been replaced with a new mural, as this is now a Dominican restaurant. See La Cocina Dominicana.

Located at 4407 Nolensville Pike. There is plenty of parking in back. Just follow the arrow! The mural faces north and is quite visible from the road. Get you a glass of mauby and some curry and enjoy the art!