The 12 South neighborhood hosts a lot of art. It’s one of the denser neighborhoods for outdoor art in Nashville. And among its collection is this piece by one of our town’s most prolific muralists, Troy Duff. (Who I need to create a category for.) Duff frequently uses graffiti tropes in his work, and this is no exception, with a shout out to 12 South pride in a graffiti font. Doing the Nashville skyline is easy. People may not remember what the rest of the skyline looks like, but put the Batman Building in there, and everyone knows what town you are talking about! The window in the middle changes up the skyline, reflecting buildings from across the street. The building choice is interesting. It’s the site of 4Patriots, a company that provides long-term storage food for preppers. By long-term storage, I mean food meant to last 25 years. Hey, it’s good to be prepared, right?

Located at 1201 Elmwood Avenue. The mural faces east and is visible from 12th Avenue South, on the 2300 block. The parking lot in front of it is for the 12S branch of Taqueria del Sol and Trim. There is free parking on some of the side streets, and even a few spaces on the north end of the 12 South district. There are also paid lots in the district. Make it part of your 12 South crawl and enjoy the art!