ATS Mural

Often I don’t get around to posting art until long after it appears, but this time I’m almost guilty of journalism, as this piece was finished very recently. It’s by Adrianne Tuck Simonetti, who besides being a muralist is the Senior Creative Project Manager at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The building itself, found at the corner of Lea and Hermitage, is undergoing a transformation that as of last weekend was not quite complete, as the street in front was still blocked for construction. It will be the new home of the Nashville office of JE Dunn Construction, which commisioned the work by Simonetti. Once the construction is finished and the street fully open, expect to see this mural in many social media posts.

Located at 29 Hermitage Avenue. The mural lies on the southeast side of the building facing Lea Avenue. Right now Lea is partially closed and there is no parking on Lea from Rutledge Steet to Hermitage. There is some free street parking on and near Rutledge, and presumably more will be available when Lea fully reopens.