That’s what “miel” means in Spanish. And if you look close at the mostly mushroom-themed mural, you’ll see a bee in the upper center area. Miel is the name of a generally well-reviewed restaurant found in Sylvan Park just off Charlotte Pike. Miel prides itself on using local ingredients and maintaining sustainable practices. It’s a foody kind of place where you should probably get reservations. The mural is by Andie Estes (@byandie on Instagram), who besides the mural seems to also be responsible for much of Miel’s branding. Based on Miel’s Instagram account, this seems to be a very recent mural, having gone up in late July.

UPDATE: I have been told by the artist that “the mural is an abstract representation of the garden the owner has built onsite.”

Located at 343 53rd Avenue North, within sight of Charlotte Pike, behind Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. There is some limited street parking. Miel’s is not open for lunch, so in the morning and early afternoon, you can probably park in their small lot. Get some quality grub and enjoy the art!