Erlenborn Mural Nashville street art

This is the last in the Off the Wall series, as it was also the last mural completed in the Off the Wall project. This particular piece is by Tess Erlenborn. There’s a picture of this mural in sunnier light on her website. (I tend to take a lot of photos on grey days to avoid shadows.) I encourage you to explore her site and her Instagram page. I happened to catch her working on this mural just as she was getting started (see image below). The Off the Wall project itself was the brainchild of Tinsley Anne Dempsey, and it took some time to finish. It was well worth the effort, producing a mural gallery that is a must see in Nashville, and a very important piece of the Nashville visual landscape. This is also the end of this numbered series. I keep saying I won’t do one again, but the Nations Wall, the Elliston Garage, and the Berry Hill music murals pretty much demand it.

Tess Erlenborn street art Nashville

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Located at 3020 Charlotte Avenue. This mural actually faces 28th Avenue North. Your best bet for parking is perhaps across the street at Cross Fit Nashville or street parking on 31st Avenue north of Charlotte.