Hands mural street art Nashville

This is the eighth in the series on The Nations Wall, a massive set of murals on the west-facing wall of Music City Tents and Events, organized by the Nashville Walls Project. It’s the eighth piece going from left to right (roughly north to south). This particular piece is by Folek Kelof  (or just “Folek”), a fairly prolific local muralist with a diverse range. He says on Instagram about this particular mural:

These are my hands….. they’re constantly injured and dirty. They don’t look normal for a reason.

That’s also his signature in white repeated over and over across the mural. No wonder his hands are beaten up!

Images of the entire wall with all the murals together can be found in Part 1.

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Located at 5901 California Ave, Nashville, TN 37209. The murals actually face the 1300 and 1400 block of 60th Avenue North, across from the intersection with Pennsylvania Avenue. Street parking is possible nearby.