This little mural on the side of Armstrong Real Estate off Dickerson Pike has flummoxed me for a while. I was certain it was a Nathan Brown piece, as it is so similar to a style Brown has used before, such as in the mural featured in Bootstrap and an interior mural at Far East Nashville ( a restaurant I highly recommend). But it isn’t signed. And Brown’s style has been copied before, not this style, but his “geometric gradient style” that you can see in the mural featured in Topgolf. And the style “homage” is found in a mural that’s right next door! So I needed to be sure. Did I ever go over to Armstrong and ask. No, I kept putting it off. But I ran into Aaron Armstong on the trick-or-treat circuit, and he confirmed the artist’s identity. Dickerson Pike is well behind the parallel-running Gallatin, but with its increasing development, I would expect to see more art in the future. Of course, that also means a lot of the old signage on that road is endangered. The office also features a nice hand-painted sign on the front (I’m not sure who did that). And hey, I wonder who that is reflected on the glass? Hmmm.

Armstrong Realty Sign street art Nashville

Located at 1301 Dickerson Avenue. The mural is on the south of the building, facing Douglas Ave. The sign is on the east, facing Dickerson. There is plenty of parking here and next door.