El Valiente (“The Brave”) on Nolensville says it’s a western wear place, and it certainly used to be, but it’s also now clearly labeled as a taqueria as well. The website for the western wear version is dead, but the taqueria seems to be up and running, and the food looks good! When it started as a western wear place, the desert mural was done by The Rebel at Large, and the parking sign appeared at the same time, so I think he may have done that as well. Since the taqueria opened, a cactus, a torta, and a bowl of soup have been added to the facade, and I’m not sure who did those. It’s a little brave, so to speak, putting in a taqueria almost across the street from the venerable La Hacienda, but Nashville’s appetite for tacos and all things Mexican food seems boundless, so there’s probably always room for more.

El Valiente mural street art Nashville

El Valiente Mural street art Nashville

Located at 2630 Nolensville Pike, right at the corner with Whitsett Road. As the sign says, there’s parking in back.