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No art left behind



In Old Mexico


Continuing the theme of artwork on Latino grocery stores and markets, we find this entry from Super Fiesta Latina in Madison. (Also known on the internet as Super Fiesta Latino with an “o,” but the feminine “Latina” is on their sign.) This quiet scene is relegated to the back of a side wall, while the rest of the market is decorated with advertisements and off-the-shelf art. As is typical, artist Iván Cruz has left his phone number on the piece, in case you want to commission a work or just talk about art.

Located at 107 E Due West Avenue, and visible from Gallatin Road. The mural is on the west side of the market, facing Gallatin. Between the market and various nearby businesses (including a Taco Bell two doors down from Las Maracas Mexican Restaurant!), there’s plenty of parking. Grab a cold one, stock up on fresh tortillas, and enjoy the art!

The cock on the block


Returning to the theme of Latino grocery stores, El Gallito Super Mercado on Foster Avenue. “Gallo” in Spanish is “rooster,” while “gallito” is the diminutive form – “little rooster.” I don’t know about you, but the gallo in this piece is anything but little. It’s also new. A screen grab from Google street view (first picture below) shows a very different mural. The Google image is dated June 2016, so the mural above is no more than a few months old. There is a sign on the edge of the parking lot (to the left if you are standing where the picture above was taken) that is clearly the same style and which is signed by Fernando Vargas. See the second picture below. As we’ve seen in other Latino stores, he gives his phone number, in case you want to hire him or talk about art.

Located at 2801 Foster Avenue. There’s plenty of parking, and for once, the art is up high and not obscured by cars. Drop by, get some real tacos, and enjoy the art!



And another market 

This one is more elaborate than the last one I featured. The art gracing Mi Favorita Supermarket on Charlotte hits a lot of common themes seen on Hispanic markets — flags, produce, life in the home country. The kneeling woman here displays her wares. Sometimes you see a woman making tortillas or grinding corn instead. The work is signed by Ruben and Jael Torres — with a phone number, if you want to hire them!

Located at 6317 Charlotte Pike, #B. Plenty of parking. Get some fresh fruit and veggies while you’re at it!

It’s your birthday!

Many Hispanic businesses in Nashville, notably restaurants and markets, are well decorated. In this case, Mari Supermercado on Lebanon Pike includes a panedaria, that is, a bakery, so we have a cake and what might be a piñata in this image. Maybe the place to go for supplies for your next shindig?

Located on the southwest wall of Mari Supermercado, 4000 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage, at the corner of Bonnaspring Drive. Easy parking across the street if the market’s parking is full.

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