Little's mural Nashville Street art

Nashville lies far from any ocean, but there are these things called airplanes, and since 1955 Little’s Fish Company in the heart of Germantown has been providing fresh fish to the people of Nashville. As a long-standing family business in this historic neighborhood, it’s only appropriate that Historic Germantown Nashville (the local neighborhood association) would choose it as the canvas when they received a $5,100 Creative Placemaking grant from the Tennesee Art Commission. Five small murals cover filled-in windows. Starting at the left, Michelle Farro’s piece depicts the historic Church of the Assumption, founded by German Catholics in 1859. Next, a Diamond Studio (Yvette Renée & Mark Cowden) piece depicts the annual neighborhood Octoberfest. The third piece, which depicts a Germantown street leading to the State Capitol, is signed by Jake and Hana Elliott, who are also known as WHAT. Creative Group. Sometimes obscured by a bush is the next piece by Shea Moore (you’ll need to scroll down), who is both a painter and a makeup artist. Her piece depicts various people of Germantown. Last is a piece by Audie Adams, who is part of the Thoughts Manifested crew. His piece depicts the founder of Little’s and acknowledges the building’s origins as an office of the Salvation Army.

This blog post would have been a much harder slog to research without this article from the late, lamented Nashville Arts by Peter Chawaga.

Located at 1234 6th Avenue North. The murals face Monroe Street, on the north side of the building. Street parking is available. Load up on fresh fish and enjoy the art!