Flags & fruit mural street art Nashville

I continue to believe that one of the more underappreciated art forms in Nashville is the mural scene that plays out on the walls of many Latino businesses. This one, located on what Google thinks is Linbar Fruit Market but whose sign says Linbar Super Mercado, is a José F. Vargas work. Vargas is one of the more prolific artists in this scene, and while he doesn’t seem to have a web presence, he always includes his phone number in his signature in case you want to hire him. The flags that rise above the fruit and various drinks are, in order, the flags of Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Estados Unidos, Columbia, and Cuba. I left the door and the yellow poles in the photo because I think the whole combination is a collective work of art. They go together. (By the way, in Spanish, “supermercado” is one word. But some Latino grocery stores in Nashville break up the word. Not sure why.)

Located at 238 Largo Drive, at the corner with Harding Place. This is just a couple blocks east of I-24. Linbar Super Mercado has parking. The mural is on the south side of the building. If you drive a block or so down Largo, you’ll find some more murals by the same artist.