Miles Davis mural street art Nashville
When I first saw this Dough Joe portrait of Miles Davis on Herman Street underneath the D. B. Todd Blvd. bridge, I did not realize it was a canvas. You don’t see many of those in outdoor art, but the bridge helps to protect it. The lettering below has changed recently. What used to be a very simple “Inspiration Place” has become an exuberant “Love the Hood.” The portrait of the white-haired individual is someone I recognize but can’t name, [UPDATE: It’s Nikki Giovanni] and is newer than the other two. I also include a stencil that may or may not be a Norf Collective production like the rest of this.

Located below the Dr. D. B. Todd Jr. Blvd. overpass on Hernan Street, between 18th and 19th Aves.

I featured the Hendrix portrait in An icon under the bridge.

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