Boat mural street art Nashville

UPDATE: This mural is no more. It’s been replaced with a huge Patrick Swayze/Point Break homage. See Swayze lives!

The Centennial is a bar (with plenty of food) on, where else, Centennial, that has recently re-opened under new management with a somewhat more upscale style than the bar of the past. It’s a reflection of the rapid growth in The Nations neighborhood found between Centennial and Charlotte.

Now, the painting decorating a panel on the north wall depicts a fantasy scene, a boat sailing waters just out front of the bar, as those industrial buildings are in fact across the street. If that water were really there, Centennial Boulevard and the Dollar General across the street would be good and flooded. The signature on the piece is a bit hard to read. My best guess is Dakota J 2015. There are other panels on the front wall that might lend themselves to more art — I’ll keep an eye out!

UPDATE: This art has been replaced.

Located at 5115 Centennial Boulevard near the busy intersection with 51st Avenue North. I’ve not eaten there yet, but the Yelp reviews are good.

Boat mural sign street art Nashville