Graffiti tags mural street art Nashville
Your intrepid blogger has returned from vacation, just in time to find this installation without cars parked in front of it! Found on the backside of Asphalt Beach on Woodland Street in East Nashville, this piece is familiar to anyone who has parked around back of Five Points Mexican Cantina or the bank next door, though it is often partly obscured by parked cars. It is obviously the product of the same crew that produced the enormous installation on the KM Auto Inc building at 1808 Nolensville Rd featured in “It’s cold out there!” Many of the same signatures are featured, such as “Rasmo,” and the “UH” symbol appears here as well.

UPDATE: This mural was damaged by the March 3, 2020 tornado. Its fate is uncertain. See What we lost in the storm.

UPDATE: The post-tornado repairs to this building have destroyed most of this mural.

Located on the backside (north) of Asphalt Beach at 961 Woodland Street. Easily accessed by the alley that runs between Woodland and Main.