This is another miracle photo. There are always cars parked in front of this mural advertising the wares of the Save More Market on 51st Avenue. I drive past this place several times a week, and after months I saw an opportunity for a clear shot. This is a Ruben Torres production, who is one of the artists responsible for the murals on the market on Charlotte featured in And another market. Again, he gives his phone number if you want to hire him. This is on the north side of the store facing Centennial; there are two more panels on the east side facing 51st (see below) that like this larger piece are strictly produce, without any street scenes you sometimes see on murals decorating Latino grocery stores.

UPDATE: The large mural has been painted over. Another mural with a map of The Nations neighborhood has been added to the building, which is also by Ruben Torres.

Located at 1314 51st Avenue North, where 51st dead ends into Centennial Boulevard. Usually easy to park. Go inside and grab a taco at the taqueria!