Tropical landscape mural street art Nashville

This whimsical piece is found behind Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School on the south wall of the Horton Paper Services building. It’s a little worse for wear, as it has begun to peel in places. Facing south puts it in the sun all day, and that seems to have done some damage. It’s not age – Google street view images from March 2015 show only some graffiti tags here. They also show another mural on the west wall, one that is quite gone, for today the west wall is painted a solid blue. The mural you see below is no more. That’s one thing I’m trying to do with this blog – document art before it disappears. All art is ultimately impermanent, but outdoor art has to deal with the elements, the whims of owners and vandals, and the seemingly relentless pace of development here in Nashville. Here I try to archive some things before they are lost (the mural in the header photo for this blog, of course, is gone, painted over right about the time I started this enterprise).

UPDATE: I know now this piece is a TBS/MAG4 piece (MAG4 is apparently a member of a crew that goes by TBS. Other members seemed to have been involved in this.)

Located at 614 18th Avenue North, on the south wall of Horton Paper Services. Parking on a school day is little tight, and a lot of the street parking is presently taken up by construction workers who are building an extension to the school. Across the street is a heavily decorated semi-trailer that seems to be more or less permanently parked. I’ll feature some of that work later.

Abstract mural street art Nashville