Streetcar mural street art Nashville
I live not far from this piece and watched it go up over a series of weekends last summer. Artists Jake Elliot and Russ Hagan worked at night, as they projected the image onto the wall of The Post East building, using the projection as a guide while they painted. The mural, which pays homage to Lockeland Springs’ origin as a trolley suburb of Nashville, is part of a larger mural program, the  East Nashville Place Making Project, sponsored by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Area Advisory Council, Chamber East. This program is one of the reasons so many of the pins on the blog map are in Lockeland Springs! The WHAT represents WHAT Creative Group, which is the business home of Jake Elliot and his wife Hana Elliot.

Located on the west wall of The Post East building at 1701 Fatherland Street, at the corner of Fatherland and 17th. Street parking is fairly easy. Grab some coffee or a smoothie at The Post and enjoy the art!