Colored block mural street art NashvilleChange is constant in Nashville’s boom times. Turnip Green Creative Reuse and Plateone Printmaking moved out of their space on 4th Street and moved to the eastside on Woodland. So the fate of the art on their old building is uncertain, what with a “for sale or lease” sign in the window. The work above, a Seth Prestwood (@moldymonk) piece, is a sign for Turnip Green, as is much of the rest of the art on the building. No Turnip Green, no need for that art. Call this endangered art. This mural is on the north side of the building, the trees below on the south facing Lea Street. The other pieces below are around back, at the west side facing the alley. The quote at the bottom is now completely covered in vine.

Located at 535 South 4th Street at the corner of Lea Avenue, across the street from Rocketown. Alley parking available on the weekend in the day, but most of the time only paid parking is available, as this is downtown.

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