Graffiti tags street art NasvilleSometimes you’ve got to take a hike for art. I was driving north down 11th under Church Street when some color off to my right caught my eye. I could tell there was something interesting a few hundred feet away under the bridge, but it took me a while to find the path. Because these colorful tags require a walk down the tracks to get to, it was probably illegal, and it’s clearly a homeless hangout, but no art left behind means no art left behind! The side above is barely visible from 11th Avenue under Church, while the less colorful flip side below is probably visible from a very fenced-off lot on 10th, just north of where it goes under Church.

Located underneath Church Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, on the railroad tracks. To get close, park in the gravelly area off 11th just south of the Broadway bridge. You’ll find a large section of missing fence where you can get access to the tracks. Then walk north to the Church Street bridge. I do not recommend this, however. This is an active train yard, and though traffic is modest, it may constitute trespassing.

Graffiti tags street art Nashville