Fox sign street art Nashville

I posted Part 1 quite a long time ago. This fox, maybe you guessed already, graces the front wall of Woodland Wine Merchant, a wine and liquor store I recommend highly. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, and they don’t sneer at you when you buy the cheap stuff! They close at 9:00, by the way, so no late, late night runs here. There are at least a couple more Woodland Creatures posts coming later on!

UPDATE: This is by Jefferson Perky of Perky Bros.

Part 1

Located at 1001 Woodland Avenue, at the corner with 10th Street. The sign faces south, on Woodland Ave. The days of plentiful free parking are gone in Five Points, especially on the weekends. There’s still some free street parking around, but it goes quick. The store itself has a few of its own spaces, so grab a bottle while you check out the art!