I have to admire the audacity of whoever put up these tags and the ones below. Both are found on overhead signs over I-40 between the merger with I-65 on the west side of town and the 28th Avenue exit. And of course, it was completely nuts and quite illegal for me to be snapping shots of them as I rolled down the highway at 60 mph. The things I do for art.

UPDATE: I’ve identified the artists as the UTL crew from Atlanta. This thing of tagging the backside of interstate signs is apparently a habit of theirs.

Both of these are above the eastbound lanes of 1-40, and are only visible, at least to a driver keeping their eyes more-or-less on the road, from the westbound lanes. The one above is just west of the I-40/I-65 interchange on the west side of town, at little past mile 207.6, while the one below is at mile 207.2, right as I-40 crosses 21st Avenue North, but before the 28th Avenue exit. Obviously, there’s no parking, so crank up some loud, defiant tunes as you rush past them – and watch the road!