Dressing mural street art Nashville

New art is going up all the time. This one here, at Mcferrin and Main in East Nashville, is no more than a two or three days old. When I saw it, on the east side of Two Son, I was sure it was an Emily Miller piece, even though I’d never seen a piece from her featuring people as opposed to the animal and nature motifs that show up in her work a lot. Sure enough, I checked her Instagram account and there it was. There are other new murals in the area, including a few up Gallatin. It’s impossible to keep up!

UPDATE: This piece has been removed and the wall painted white.

Located at 918 Main Street, at the corner of Main and McFerrin Ave. The mural is on the east side of the building facing Mcferrin. Some street parking in the area, or park at a local business. It’s catch as catch can in that area.