Mountains mural street art Nashville

I first saw this when I found the mural on the STEM academy nearby, but there was a car parked in front of it. Swung by today and it was car free, so here you go! Primarily graffiti tags, there’s also a mountain landscape. Maybe a nod to the building’s owners, Granite & Stone Designs, Inc.? Down in the corner, it seems to be signed 4D2 (c) 2008. “4D2” doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, but that does imply this mural has been here for a while.

Located at 201 Lyle Lane, off Foster. The mural is found on the west side of the building and is visible from Foster. This is actually the loading area of the building next door, which houses a number of businesses. This could make viewing complex during the workweek. On the weekend, parking in the loading bay is simple. The rest of the week, park in the lots of the neighboring businesses.