Gracing the east wall of Renaissance Stone Company in The Nations is this collection of tags and a piece of the Nashville skyline. There are some familiar names here. I’ve certainly seen the “Rasmo” tag in plenty of places. I’d say also that these seem a little more technically difficult than some similar installations, or at least more complex with the use of color. It also does not use the “series of panels” pattern that is common in the permitted/commissioned graffiti installations, so the closeups below do not neatly divide the piece in the way I can usually do it. This is relatively new, at it boasts a 2015 date.

Located at 5700 Califonia Avenue in The Nations. Califonia and 56th (not 57th) both intersect with Centennial. Makeshift street parking, or park at the stone company. The mural actually faces 57th Avenue North.