About a month ago, The Hop Stop got itself a brand new mural, and a quite appropriate one at that. That open tap is pouring out a heck a lot of beer. “HopStopMural” seems to be the name or at least a hashtag the artist is trying to promote. Tracking down the artist took a little work. “Tomasek Billups” turns out to be Anthony Billups. There’s a rather obvious selfie suggestion in that Instagram link, by the way. There seem to be at least two people using the @musiccitymurals tag – Billups and Katie Tucker. No word on the connection at press time.

UPDATE: As noted in An update and a goodbye, The Hop Stop will almost certainly be closed by the time you see this. There were two other murals associated with this site – see “An update and a goodbye” for those. I will update later on the fate of all these murals once the new owners have decided what to do with them.

Located at 2909B Gallatin Pike. The mural is on the north side of the building. Plenty of parking – and some good food and some good beer!