This particular site presents a particular challenge. While on one side of the building there is a quiet road one can stand in with reasonable safety and thus get a direct, straight on view taking in the whole mural, on the other side – well the other side is Nolensville Road, and yeah, I may do many things for art, but standing in the middle of Nolensville Road with a smartphone taking pictures is not one of them. The work on the Carquest building at the corner of Nolensville and Elgin would seem to be at least in part the work of the same crew that produced The Vape USA Gallery down the road. The blank eyes of most of the human figures is a clear (get it?) giveaway. (Ok, it wasn’t much of a pun.) There are a lot of tags on these pieces, though how many are the names of artists and how many might be the names of the workers I don’t know. As I wrote this, it occurred to me that I forgot to check out the back wall. A quick glance at Google street view (first picture below) not only shows art on the back wall but also a completely different mural on the south wall facing Elgin. So not only is this another auto part store, it’s also an example of lost art. I will update soon after I go back and check out the back wall.

UPDATE: I finally got around to writing about the back side. See Part 2.

UPDATE: Some of this has been painted over.

Part 2

Located at 3317 Nolensville Road, at the corner with Elgin Street. There’s some street parking on Elgin, and if things aren’t too busy at the Lava Lounge Hookah Bar next door, you might be able to park in their lot for a spell. Just don’t stand in the middle of Nolensville Road!


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