Beene’s Barbershop on Chester Avenue is old school, at least in the sense of not seeming to have a website. The one review on Yelp is pretty glowing, though, so who needs a website? They have in common with a number of local, non-chain barbershops in town a painting or drawing of a barber’s pole decorating the store. Beene’s goes a little father, with a full-scale mural that incorporates a Titans logo. This more elaborate mural is good because Beene’s lies along a stretch of Gallatin that is dense with murals, and some small decoration would never cut it. I will be posting soon about some of Beene’s more elaborate neighbors, but I thought I’d start small with this more modest (compared to Beene’s neighbors) installation.

UPDATE: This building has been demolished, the mural along with it.

Located on the west wall of Beene’s Barbershop, which is found at 1102 Chester Avenue, visible from Gallatin Avenue along the 2400 block, behind Subways. Not a lot of parking at Beene’s itself, but plenty of street parking and parking at nearby businesses. And hey, maybe you need a haircut?