Appropriate I think to this time of feasting, here’s the mural on the back wall of Nashville Biscuit House. I love the details in this mural, such as the two guys staring at their phones and the elaborate tattoo on the arm of the girl working at her laptop. The mural looks for all the world like what you find in a coffee shop if the coffee shop was outdoors and there happened to be a motorcycle cop who was just leaving. On the NBH web page, there is no information about the mural, and on their Facebook page I found only that the mural was done four years ago (roughly late 2012) by “Kate.” No signature is visible on the mural itself. The mural is certainly popular. Search for “Nashville Biscuit House mural” in your favorite search engine and you’ll find lots of people who’ve posted about it. NBH is a Southern/Meat&3 place that I can’t recommend enough. They are open for breakfast and lunch only, Monday through Saturday, and be ready to stand in line on Saturday.

Located at 805 Gallatin Avenue. The mural is on the back (east) side of the building, so this counts as hidden art. If you want an unobstructed view, go when the restaurant is closed, because otherwise the parking lot is fairly full or completely full. Make a point of stopping by for a bite, then walk around back and check out the art!