Make a point of driving behind commercial buildings from time to time, especially if they are local shops, not chains. Often you find nothing, and sometimes you find a universe. The building that contains Old Made Good and Wallpaper & Designer Home Consignments is one of those universe places. This a place no one who doesn’t need to use the loading docks at W&D is likely to find. You might also notice these works if you park around back of American Tuxedo and Bridal, but this is pretty solidly hidden art. Thousands of people drive past on Gallatin every day and never notice. I’m breaking this one up into multiple posts mostly because of bad shadows on some of my pics. I will try to hit this place in the morning sometime soon to get some better shots of the rest of it. The art is these pics is less than half of what’s on site. I’m not sure of the artists behind the work on this wall, but there are a couple of Troy Duff pieces on the other walls that I’ll feature once I get some better photos.

UPDATE: I can’t change the URL, but this is the west wall, not east as I originally wrote.

Part 2

Located at 3701 Gallatin Pike. OMG has scads and scads of parking and the area behind 3701 where the art is seems to be empty most of the time.

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