Some art is out in open, and some art is hidden. And some is just dang hard to get to – like this piece. To begin with, I don’t think I would have even seen it in the summer or fall. There’s a riot of vegetation right around it that usually would keep it covered. And it’s not anything you’d actually drive by. This is on the southwest side of a bridge on D.B. Todd that faces the backside of a warehouse. I caught a flash of color from over a block away; otherwise, I would have missed it. That riot of vegetation, even without leaves, made getting to it hard, and if it’s late summer, bring a machete. The piece has a few tags, notably TBS and SGK. While I couldn’t find information on those specifically, the Instagram account for magfour has a lot of #tbs tagged art and has the phrase “Takin By Surprise” in its motto. Not to mention several posts tagged #tennesseebombsquad. And this piece above is in fact posted at that account – so I think there’s a link. 🙂

Located on the SW corner of the bridge on D.B. Todd  Blvd. about a block north of Jo Johnston Avenue, near MLK Jr. Magnet School, and south of Herman St. This is just south of the Norf Wall project (for which I still have another four or five posts to finish up). Wear jeans and tough shoes, and in the warmer months, be prepared to really push your way through the greenery. This is definitely hidden art. I didn’t try it, but it looks like you might be able to walk along the south fence surrounding the warehouse on 19th Ave (600 block) that backs up to this mural.