More art from the backside of Old Made Good and Wallpaper & Designer Home Consignments. There are three walls here, though the loading bays on the east side are mostly devoid of art. Here on the north wall we see two panels, with some familiar names. On the left, the most prominent tag is Smok, which you see in a number of places around town. According to this Scene article, Smok is part of graffiti group known as the IA Crew. Whoever they are, they are prolific. The next panel is signed by Bryan Deese (Rex2) and Troy Duff (@duffomatic). Both artists are found all over town and have been featured on this blog before. On the south wall (see below), there’s a colorful piece with a name I’m not sure of. There’s also a spooky Troy Duff Nashville skyline and the first example in this blog of Ryan M. McCauley’s sleepless robot (RobotsNeverSleep). This particular Robot is not on his blog, but here is what looks like him painting this very robot on his Facebook page. And the only loading bay door with any art again has a tag that I must be misreading!

See the slideshow for individual pieces, and Part 1 for more information. See pin for Part 1 on the map.

Located at 3701 Gallatin Pike. OMG has scads and scads of parking and the area behind 3701 where the art is seems to be empty most of the time.


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