Northern Flying Squirrel by Louis Masai

Anyone who has driven down Main Street since late November can not but helped but seen this fantastic mural on the east wall of Hot Yoga East Nashville featuring the two riotously colored Northern Flying Squirrels, which are endangered in their mountainous east Tennessee range, and a bee, another creature under threat.  It’s no coincidence. London-based artist Louis Masai has been touring the country painting colorful murals meant to raise awareness about animals threatened with extinction in a project he calls “The Art of Beeing.” In each site, he looks to highlight a local creature under threat. While the Northern Flying Squirrel has an extensive range in Canada, the subspecies local to the southern Appalachians is considered endangered. Check out Masai’s website for images of other murals from this tour. A film of his tour is being produced by Where’s Kong, and there are a number of videos on Masai’s site already. I happened to catch the artist in the act (below). This work was sponsored by the Nashville Walls Project.

UPDATE: A hotel is under construction which will, when finished, make this mural very difficult to see.

Located at 807 Main Street on the east wall of the Hot Yoga East Nashville studio. Parking is dependent on the class schedule at the HYEN, but there’s other nearby parking.