Continuing the theme of artwork on Latino grocery stores and markets, we find this entry from Super Fiesta Latina in Madison. (Also known on the internet as Super Fiesta Latino with an “o,” but the feminine “Latina” is on their sign.) This quiet scene is relegated to the back of a side wall, while the rest of the market is decorated with advertisements and off-the-shelf art. As is typical, artist Iván Cruz has left his phone number on the piece, in case you want to commission a work or just talk about art.

Located at 107 E Due West Avenue, and visible from Gallatin Road. The mural is on the west side of the market, facing Gallatin. Between the market and various nearby businesses (including a Taco Bell two doors down from Las Maracas Mexican Restaurant!), there’s plenty of parking. Grab a cold one, stock up on fresh tortillas, and enjoy the art!