Not many murals come with their own Facebook page, but this one does. Check it out – there are some much better pictures than mine on there. “Shelby Second Line” is an Andee Rudloff project. There is enough of her work in town that I need to create a Categories tab for her. Her style is unmistakable, though she seems to rarely work alone. The sign says that the mural was facilitated by Rudloff with support from Adam and Heather Yockey. This means that Rudloff sketched out the mural, while the Yockeys (who are the homeowners), neighbors and friends helped paint the mural. This seems to be Rudloff’s usual M.O., as is the QR sign down in the bottom right corner.

Located at 1520 Shelby Avenue. The fence and the mural actually face the 500 block of 16th Street, right off Shelby. Street parking is available. This is a private home, so be respectful.