The Fluffo Mattress Factory/Fat Bottom Brewery sign at 9th and Main may be going away soon. Fat Bottom Brewery, founded by Ben Bredesen (son of former Mayor and former Governor Phil Bredesen) moved out of the old Fluffo factory to a new bigger spot in The Nations on 44th Ave North in summer 2016. The brewery part of the building has been empty since, but construction has recently begun on a major upgrade of the building, and it remains to be seen if the new owners and tenants will maintain the tradition of preserving signs from previous tenants. Let’s call this endangered art.

UPDATE: This is an I Saw the Sign piece, business home of Meghan Wood.

Located at 900 Main Street, at the corner with 9th Street. There’s a little street parking, and you could park across the street at the Weiss Liquor Store and Weiss Market, but don’t stay long if you’re not buying!