Get the white sauce. White sauce barbeque you ask? Trust me on this. Get the white sauce. I first started going to Hog Heaven in my graduate years at Vanderbilt, just a few years after it opened, and I remain a fan. The sign/mural is signed “Atrau Palin 2010.” That name leads to a MySpace page that doesn’t seem to have any art on it. There is also a page entitled “Art by Atrau Palin” that also has no art on it. But this sign at least is fun, and perhaps someday Palin will come out of the woodwork to do more work in the future.

Get the white sauce.

Located at 115 27th Avenue South. The mural is on the south side of the building. Hog Heaven is right off of the 2700 block of West End behind the McDonalds and next to the world famous (well, it ought to be) dive bar Springwater. Hog Heaven faces Centennial Park. There is some street parking nearby and some in the park, so get you a BBQ picnic and enjoy the art!